The artist is profitable

About ways to earn money as an artist:

Earning passive income from the sale of art products

Artists, illustrators, designers, graphic artists and even sculptors can earn money by selling high quality prints or copies of their work.

A few ideas on how to sell wall art:

– Create a shop on Etsy, one of the largest international platforms for selling arts and crafts.

– Sell digital copies on Sellfy, leaving the printing up to the customer.

– Use one of the many print-on-demand sites that will print and ship posters for you.


– A convenient form of passive income that can bring you income for an unlimited time.


– Small earnings per piece.

Sale of other goods along with art products

Artists can sell their work online for a small fee using many online print and sell services.

Photographers are not the only ones who can sell their photos. Selling high-quality prints of artwork can be profitable for illustrators, painters, and even sculptors.

However, it’s not just artists who benefit, as you can diversify your market and attract new viewers who may not be able to afford your original work.

In addition to selling smartphone cases, scarves, and backpacks, many of these sites also sell merchandise featuring their artwork.

The easiest way to print your artwork on tangible products is to use a print-on-demand or dropshipping service. This type of service will take care of printing, packaging, branding and delivery of your products to customers.


– A pleasant and easy way to earn money by creating a real product.


– A significant part of the profit goes to the print-on-demand service.

Search for commissions for original works

Commissions are a popular strategy that many aspiring artists and illustrators can use to make money.

The best place to start is by showing off your work on social media. Don’t forget to mention in your bio that you accept commissions – be it portraits, artistic photoshoots, or any other form of art.

With luck, your first customers will spread this information, and your next customers will turn to you themselves.


– Making a living selling your original work is every artist’s dream, isn’t it?


– Some clients can be difficult to deal with.

Selling Art on Etsy

Have you been looking for a way to sell art online? Apart from Sellfy, another option is Etsy. This marketplace gives you the opportunity to showcase your art to a wider target audience and take your business to the next level.

Etsy is known not only as a place to find unique handmade items, but also as a place for stunning digital art. Etsy’s diversity attracts different types of buyers to this marketplace, which can work in your favor.

The popularity of this trading platform lies in the fact that here you can sell almost everything related to creativity and art:

– jewelry and accessories

– clothes

– Wall decor

– Art

– Art and collectibles


– Relatively easy installation if you don’t have a website.


– Etsy charges a 5% commission on every sale.

Youtube or vlog as a profession?

You can be a YouTuber as well as an influencer, and brands will contact you just for you to mention them, tell you how good it was, or recommend using their product. Your videos can also be monetized as long as they are of high quality and do not violate YouTube’s policies. Your level of influence determines whether you will monetize them by getting visits and subscribers.

If packing and shipping or selling on an online marketplace isn’t your forte, you might be interested in making art or speed painting tutorial videos.

With over a billion users, YouTube is the perfect platform to promote your artistic talent. Video tutorials are in high demand as people love visual learning.

To get noticed on YouTube, here are a few steps you can take:

– Define the target audience

– Research keywords and your competitors

You can use a smartphone, SLR camera, or camcorder to shoot. Make sure there is enough light in the room when you are shooting.

In addition to art tutorials and speed drawing videos, you can also:

– Shoot reviews of art supplies

– Start vlogging about your life as an artist.


– You can become an online authority and influencer in your niche.

– With high quality videos, you can get a large number of subscribers and become popular.


– Filming and editing can be time consuming.

Licensing and selling your art through agencies

Your work may be licensed or sold directly to advertising agencies for royalties. Many creative professions take advantage of this opportunity, including photographers, musicians, video producers, illustrators, and graphic designers. With quality work, you can get a stable income, if.

You can sell your eBook by writing one

Creating an e-book might be an option for you if you haven’t taken online classes and most of your classes aren’t face-to-face. To be well informed about how things work, many hobbyists and beginners turn to books and video tutorials.

Photographers can offer their take on underwater photography or the basics of studio lighting.