Tips for budding artists

There is a stereotype that says that not everyone can become an artist

But this is not so, because anyone can learn to draw, one has only to make the proper amount of effort.

Unfortunately, most young artists make the same mistakes during their inexperience. To help you avoid them, we’ve put together what we think are the best tips. Listen to them, because every artist went through the stage of the “rake”, so these tips are nothing more than the accumulated knowledge from someone else’s experience.

Learn the basics of drawing.

This is the first and most important tip. Even if you have immense talent, you still need to know such things as composition, anatomy / figure, perspective, volume, light, and so on. Without this knowledge, you will not be able to be called a professional artist.

Look up to the best.

Even if your friend draws well, you should not compare yourself with him. Study and analyze the biographies and works of famous artists, then you can find something useful for yourself not only in drawing, but also in lifestyle.

Take criticism appropriately.

Firstly, a person may simply not understand your work, this has happened to more than one artist. Secondly, if criticism is constructive, then it is worth listening to it. But if you are acutely aware of every negative judgment about yourself, you will lose the motivation to create and give up.

Draw smart.

If you are just an aspiring artist, think about the meaning of what you are drawing. Think about what you have to say to others through your creativity. Carry the message in your paintings, and do not just draw fashion pictures or naked girls. There must be something more that you can give to people.

Draw your imagination.

The need to accurately copy the world around us has long disappeared – cameras and photo cameras appeared. Artists have the freedom to draw abstractly, and generally anything that comes into their heads. So take advantage of this opportunity!

Connect with the right people.

And here we do not mean only those people who can practically help you in your field of activity. Every creative person knows that feeling when certain people have a depressing effect on inspiration and the ability to create. Think about whether an evening with a can of beer and flat humor among such people is worth the fact that you will not be able to pull yourself together later. Such companies simply knock you off the creative wave, without bringing anything positive into your life.

Never stop.

Not a single great artist has said the phrase “I have reached perfection”, because there is no limit that could outline the maximum height of skill. Therefore, do not stop there and continue to learn and work on yourself.

Read books.

Read not only specific books about drawing, but also artistic ones. They will give you inspiration and develop your imagination. What could be better for finding a muse than immersion in a completely different world?

Don’t neglect your rest.

Mental activity is as exhausting as physical activity. Therefore, pause in your work, otherwise you will lose your spiritual strength and will not find in yourself either inspiration or motivation to act.

Get enough sleep.

Don’t sacrifice sleep for the sake of drawing, for the same reason as the previous tip. Not resting enough time, your brain will simply refuse to work properly, and you will only think about sleep.

Don’t try to polish your drawings.

Look at the works of great artists and try to find the perfect lines and shapes there. We bet you can’t. Trying to draw something perfectly will lead to nothing but broken nerves. Experiment with shapes and styles, and you will understand what technique to use when drawing certain subjects.

Always try something new.

If you like dramas, watch comedies, if you like rock, try listening to jazz. The new is always an endless resource of inspiration and knowledge. Stop being a conservative and stop focusing on one thing.

Be realistic.

Nothing is done quickly, so do not despair if after a couple of years of practice you cannot grab the stars from heaven. It is not enough to draw ten human figures, you will have to draw hundreds of them, and even thousands of them, to achieve the desired result. Look for yourself and do not forget about constant practice.

Try to notice everything around.

Walk around the already familiar places and try to find some little things that you did not notice before. Such training will help you learn to pay attention to literally every insect in your path. And there, who knows, maybe this very insect will become the object of your inspiration.